8 things you should know about UFOs on the World UFO Day

One of the  most interesting topics for anyone is to talk about UFO sighting. We all have had our moments of talking about when we sighted something strange with neon lights inn the sky. While only a few around us believed what we said, it is always interesting to bring this topic up every now and then. Today is the official day to talk about UFOs as today is the World UFO Day and we thought it is the best day to talk about everything UFO. Here are all your question answered.

1. What is a UFO?

UFOs are generally classified as anomalies that are completely unidentified and in identifiable. The most general definition of the UFO is something that’s apparent in the sky that is not identifiable as any known object or natural phenomena.



2. How did the term UFO come into existence?

UFO was originally created in 1953 by the United States Air Force so that they could record and review any instances where a flying object was logged in official reporting.i-want-to-believe-3


3. How did people start celebrating the World UFO Day?



4. How many types of UFOs people have seen?



5. The most interesting UFO incident is The Roswell UFO incident.

People of Chaves county New Mexico near Roswell noticed and gave reports of a UFO in the skies above a quiet area. Local newspapers and several residents suggested that the UFO could have been an extraterrestrial spaceship. Shortly after the object was seen it crashed in the desert and was quickly captured by Air Force surveillance officials. Air Force has kept all its documents as classified and no one has ever gotten to know about it. They only said that it was nothing but a mere weather balloon.RoswellDailyRecordJuly8,1947



6. How can the World UFO day be celebrated?

It is easy-peasy. The whole idea is to celebrate the existence of UFOs and ET life. Have UFO themed party, dress up like aliens, watch a UFO movie, make space ships out of frisbees, watch the sky together and try to spot a UFO. You could just do anything. You could read baout UFOs to celebrate the day.ufokaty-perry-ET-600x450




7. What is the Drake’s equation?


8. So can I have a World UFO Day poster?

Here you go.



We would be glad to hear your UFO sighting story, share yours in the comments section.

All information sourced from WorldUFODay