Women’s self-defense tool with 5 key features introduced and unveiled by Nirbhaya’s parents

After several unforgettable incidences where women were, raped, killed and molested making women’s security a priority in the country has to be the first call. Nirbhaya’s rape case has awaken the lost hopes of India as a safe women country. On 9th March, Nirbhaya’s parents introduced the country to an effective self-defense device for women.nirbhaya's parents

This device named ‘Bhavani’, will come to rescue whenever the a victim is targeted by the stalkers. The device comes with five key functions, a siren with a strobe light, a non-lethal stun gun, a 10-feet throw distance pepper spray, a panic button which will send 5 SOS SMSs with GPS location, to 5 pre-fed members, an active voice call to the first number, a Swiss knife and an a two-feet collapsible baton. Bhavani has an inbuilt GPRS that will come to aid while tracing the location of the victim.

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