This woman got on the top of a politician’s Mercedes and smashed it when his gunman winked at her

A 23-year-old woman at an Agra traffic along with her sister was winked at by the gunner of a Samajwadi Party functionary. Taking the control in her hands, she jumped on the top of the leader’s Mercedes, smashed the windshield of the car an then after even tore off the party flag on the bonnet.

Eve teasing is never an act that can be ignored. These women were not among the ones who could let go off their eve teasers. Sadhvi Pandey, the girl who stood up says, “We don’t want to defame him or his party. the matter is over for us.”

She also said that during the whole incident, her sister’s mobile got smashed by the people from SP and they wanted the phone to be replaced. She was paid Rs 6,500 as cost of her broken handset, and the matter was settled. Sadhvi doesn’t want to file any FIR. She had also accused that they tried to run their car over them.

The following video contains a discussion of accusations and defenses with Abhinav Sharma, the part leader and Sadhvi Pandey. Find out the complete details of the incident here –

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