Guy proposes to his girl with a unique engagement ring; adds his wisdom tooth to it

When you love your best friend and your connection seems like you know him since forever, there is nothing more you would want as your engagement than your best friend’s wisdom tooth. And that is what Lucas Unger and Carlee Leifkes decided to have in Carlee’s engagement ring. Lucas and Carlee met each other at a music festival in Unger’s native Canada this year. Lucas’ love for Carlee made him move to California so he could be around her. They are of course, not an ordinary traditional couple.

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The two chose to have the most interesting engagement ring ever! They decided to go with the wisdom tooth that Lucas got extracted when he was a kid that his father just sent to him in the mail.

Carlee Leifkes lucas unger ring ring in the finger

The two went to a jeweler to see what they could get down with Lucas’ wisdom tooth. They picked up the ring together but Carlee was unaware of the ring’s design and the day when Lucas will be popping the big question.

After Lucas got the ring made, he chose Halloween the day to ask Carlee for her hand. She was both shocked and happy. 

Carlee Leifkes lucas unger ring in finger

“We have never been the ‘traditional couple’, why the heck start now?”

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“So incredibly excited to marry my best friend, the man who knows that his wisdom tooth means more to me than a diamond.”

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Carlee surprised Lucas with a silver ring that has an engraved image of a tooth and a quote from a song that played at the music festival where they met.

Carlee Leifkes lucas unger ring their engagement rings

We wish this adorable “non-traditional” couple a very happy and crazy life together.

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What’s your idea of an interesting and unique engagement ring?

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