Students from North-East are talking about discrimination and racism; are you listening?

Where most of us talk about peace, harmony and unity in the country, our relationships with citizens of different states are still not harmonious at all. People from North-East India are looked down and treated as unwanted foreigners in our country.

he is a chinese product

Old Delhi Films decided to talk to these ‘other Indians’ studying in Delhi University to talk about the kind of treatment they receive from their fellow brothers and sisters.

we are more harassed

A lot of people call them names.

in love with the word nepali


They shared their feelings with ODF who became their voice to get their message across to people who discriminate between other citizens and the citizens from North East India.

upset feeling


They talk about racism and discrimination.

racisim prevails in the society


Watch this video and share it with as many people you can to bring oneness, peace and harmony in the country.