When Dakota Johnson walked the Oscars’ red carpet 10 years ago…

You won’t believe the star from the movie which annoyingly did not have a timely release in India, ’50 Shades of Grey’, has walked the red carpet of Oscars some 15 years ago and the lady looked as adorable as she does even now.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you Miss Dakaota Johnson when she was a cutesy baby-doll of 10.

Dakota johnson 15 years ago


This is Dakota with her mother,  Melanie Griffith.



Dakota walked on the carpet with her mother this time too, only to look just a bit taller. Though the sweetness has not really gone away from her face.

dakota johnson at the red carpet

Here, take more of her.Oscars


We so wished, we all could grow older like she has. Beautifully.