By uploading his Japan tour and drum pictures, what is Dr. Manmohan Singh trying to prove?

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Japan trip has come to a successful end and he has left for home. In his sales pitch over there, he said that India is going to welcome the potential investors from Japan with a red carpet and not a red tape. Modi, in his visit to Japan, has explored the possibilities of building business relations with the country and for India’s development. During the visit, Japan has promised that it would give USD 35 billion to India for its developmental purposes.

Japan and India have also signed 5 pacts which include defence exchanges, cooperation in clean energy, roads and highways, healthcare and women while vowing to take their relationship to newer level.

Narendra Modi’s work pictures have been uploaded on his verified Facebook page. The pictures of his Japan visit were also shared on his page.


What has come to a major surprise to us are the actions taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh, ex Prime Minister, India on Modi’s Japan visit. Following the pictures posted on Narendra Modi’s page, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Japan visit pictures were uploaded on his verified Facebook page.

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Narendra Modi was invited to an event organised by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to launch its Technology and Cultural Academy. This is a programme which was organsied by TCS to send 48 young Japanese employees to India for training. Modi gave a virtuoso performance on the Taiko drums at the event after TCS CEO N Chandrasekaran invited him to play a ceremonial note followed by the professional drummers. These pictures were also uploaded on Narendra Modi’s Facebook page.


What came as a major shock was similar pictures being uploaded on Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Facebook page where he and Sonia Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress are seen playing drums.


What gets us to thinking is what is the ex Prime Minister trying to prove by uploading the pictures right when the current Prime Minister is on Japan tour? Is it just us or the point being tried to made here is too clear?

P.S. Am I the only one who noticed that the drum picture in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Facebook page is a pinned post?

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