What makes Indian food so yum? Scientists crunch 2500 recipes to find out

Indian food no doubt, is the most delicious cuisines of all! However people with a different palate mya find it too spicy, chili, or just too over-whelming to their taste-buds. While some of the westerners have taken a likeness towards our spicy Indian delicacies, others are trying to find what makes the food so tasty. Let’s admit, preparing any Indian cuisine takes a lot of time and ingredients than any other cuisine. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jodhpur crunched many recipes and their ingredients and found out that unlike the Western food, Indian food “combine ingredients with flavor compounds that do not overlap”. No, the scientists are not looking at the tastes, they are looking at the building blocks of flavour, the chemical compounds.

Western cuisines are paired by putting ingredients which have similar flavours together. The Indian food does just the opposite!  One recipe the researchers analyzed contained crab, which has five compounds, and onion, which has seven. Together they share only one: isopropyl alcohol whereas other ingredients shared no compounds at all. Interestingly, they found Indian food does not overlap at all than any recipe made randomly.

Here’ quoting Washington post– “The takeaway is that part of what makes Indian food so appealing is the way flavors rub up against each other. The cuisine is complicated, no doubt: the average Indian dish, after all, contains at least 7 ingredients, and the total number of ingredients observed by the researchers amounted to almost 200 out of the roughly 381 observed around the world. But all those ingredients — and the spices especially — are all uniquely important because in any single dish, each one brings a unique flavor.”

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