#MaukaMauka – 18 maukas all the Indians keep looking for

After the hilarious dose of all those awesome Mauka Mauka ads, I ended up thinking about all the little and big maukas we Indian keep looking for! This is of course a loooong list, but I bring the most looked after maukas of all time of us Indians!

1. A mauka to grab a seat in the Delhi metro

delhi metroSource

2. A mauka to book the corner seat for the movies

corner seatsSource

3. A mauka to bring our partner home, when the homies are out of town

sneaking in your partnerSource

4. A mauka to skip the gym

exercise gifSource

5. A mauka to take a leave from the office

leave early from officeSource

6. A mauka to skip that arranged marriage meeting

skipping the weddingSource

7. A mauka to grab those extra puris after eating pani puri

pani puriSource

8. A mauka to skip the greetings part of attending a wedding and directly jumping to the food counter

wedding foodSource

9. A mauka to show off that iPhone and those Ray Ban aviators

i phone show offSource

10. A mauka to bunk the classes and to watch a movie

bunking classesSource

11. A mauka to watch crciket matches with your best friends


12. A mauka to get sloshed on the weekend with your room mates

getting drunk on weekendsSource

13. A mauka to go shopping in Sarojini Nagar


14. A mauka to do the crazy nagin dance when your best friend is getting married


15. A mauka to abuse KRK.

krk trolledSource

16. A mauka to get an access to a password free Wi-Fi

free wifiSource

17. A mauka to avail sales and discounts


18. A mauka to bully on the Internet!

But sometimes this has to be done, isn’t it?

rega jha tweet

Can you think of any other maukas we Indian keep looking for? Shoot them down in the comments section below!