10 ways your life changes when your BFF gets married

There can be nothing more exciting than to find out your BFF has finally decided to get married. While you are busy amidst the many arrangements that need to be made ASAP, you can never get over the fear that now your best friend for life will never be the same. The happy moments you shared with each other seem to play in your mind all the time and they are completely emotional and they render ou speechless. While you go through a lot in your mind, you decide to not let your friend know what you are going through.

1. You find yourself lonely. Because your friend is mostly busy with her new life, you do not know whether you can call her and talk to her like you earlier used.

sitting alone


2. You think before calling them. You are not sure if 10 pm is the right time to call him/her so you don’t call or apologize for calling in late.

need someone to talk to


3. You miss how you two used to drink beer all night and crash in your messy bed wherever you could find a place.

cocktail scene


4. You miss the friend you had impromptu meet ups, night outs and long drives with.



5. Meeting your friend involves meeting their partners too at the same time. You get lesser time together now.Friends-meeting-600x415


6. Meeting your married friend in their house has now become a little formal deal because of her in laws.



7. You miss meeting every day all day.



8. You get jealous when you see their pictures with their new after marriage friends because now your friend hardly spends time with you.

happy not jealous


9. Instead of being a relationship adviser, your friend is now your POC (point of contact) for cooking advice and cooking recipes. And you can’t get over the fact that in 2 years your friend will start talking to you about kids and their vomits.

cooking on phone


10. Plan B failed! Your plan B was- if you both do not find anyone to settle in life with, you will get a house together and live happily with your 12 adopted cats in your sea facing bungalow. And now it is just a dream.

two friends


A married friend does not change his/her life, but your life too. Be supportive and have a great time. If you are as hopeless as the writer of this post when it comes to talking about emotional stuff, you better just leave your friend a note by their dresser. Your friend will need you to open your heart to them because they themselves will be going through a lot themselves.

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