It’s the last day to save the Internet; have you done your bit?

We talked about net neutrality previously. All India Bakchod had also explained what net neutrality is, in simpler terms, earlier.

Today, they shared yet another video wherein they are talking about all the mails that we sent to the government, to save the Internet. Also, we have just one more day to post our comments to support real Net Neutrality.

The video starts with the question that had been in our minds since a while now.

AIB net neutrality (1)

Here’s what actually happened.

AIB net neutrality (2)

This happened.

AIB net neutrality (3)

So everyone was supporting it…

AIB net neutrality (4)


AIB net neutrality (6)

Here’s the actual definition of Net Neutrality, in case someone tells you anything else.

AIB net neutrality (5)

Let the AIB boys explain you the rest in this video –