13 cool ways to save your money in 2015

No matter how much we try saving money each year to buy that expensive car, bike or a grand holiday for us, we mostly fail! But not anymore! Or may be you won’t save much, be you will learn a lot about many things or, whatever! You should try giving these cool ways to save money a moment in your life. You never know what could work for you!

1. Try starving yourself of junk each day!
This will help you fit in your old clothes and you will have more money too. :)

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2. Check your bank details.
It is important you find out if your bank gives your good interest on your savings accounts and doesn’t charge you with annual of over-draft fees, etc. Small banks are mostly good at helping you save and earn a little on interest. Check with your bank or switch to a better bank.


3. Question all your expenses
Check your expenses every month. Ask yourself if you should really spend a certain amount on something. For example, do you really use that club’s membership,  or do you really need a cook in your house because you only eat dinner at home, or do you really need to shop newer clothes and shoes every month? Make a checklist of what you need and what you don’t and never invest in the things you don’t think you need.

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4. Schedule automatic payments
Either make arrangements to get a little sum transferred to your other saving account online or instruct your bank to do it. This way you will be able to save money every month and in some time you will completely forget about it.


5. Tell your boss to act like a friend
Speak to your boss or the accounts’ department to transfer a specific amount to your savings account and the rest to your current account. This way you will always have some savings on your account each month to buy your favourite car the next year! :D

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6. Negotiate on bills
You might just hate spending a lot of time negotiating and bargaining with all your billers but we like to completely encourage you to do it. Negotiate and put that money in your savings account. Thank us later!

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7. Keep a check on your account statements
Try looking for unusual expenses and charges, inquire about them and fight to get them removed from your account. :)

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8. Keep the junk out!
If there is anything in the house that you don’t need? Get rid of it! Sell it off and transfer the money to your savings account. The idea is to not get money and spend it, the idea is to save money and spend it on something you have been waiting for for so long!

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9. Look for deals to save money
Spend less to save more! Look for online deals, buy coupons and redeem them for lunch, buying grocery, hair cuts, almost everything.

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10. Cut down on your expensive habits
Avoid going for the expensive spa treatments, instead give yourself a spa treatment every week at home. Buy a kit or go for home DIY ways to pamper yourself.

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11. Hold parties at home and stop paying that extra tax
Prep up at home, invite friends, drink and eat all you want, dance and save on all the taxes and expensive dishes you pay for at a club.

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12. Wait for sales
You want to shop your heart out? Wait until the sale begins. You will love the amount of money you will save on clothes and gadgets!

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13. Indulge in carpool
Start doing carpool. It is a wise choice. ALWAYS.


We hope you save good money so you buy what you have been dreaming about. Amen! :D


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