This is the funniest Sex Education class video ever!

Abish Mathew takes us through the Sex Education class because it is a sex education class. This hilarious video explains everything sexual in this 8 minute-ling video.

But, obvious!

Today, I will teach you Sex Education because this is Sex

There is a long list of things you need to have sex!


There are 2 forms of Penis!

Penis comes in 2 forms

Size does matter!

biggest penis


this is what a vagina looks like

Is a stairway to Heaven!

this is what a vagina looks like to an indian man

Spotting the G spot!

finding g spot


sperm has no sense of timing

Cold feet while buying a condom!? Don’t worry!

buying condoms can be embarrassing

Watch to see the surprise appearance by Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke in the class! :D