16 definite ways to keep yourself warm this winter

In a few weeks,  you will be longing for warmer rooms, drinks, food, and clothes (of course besides, warmer people).

All you need is a small list of habits that you can take up to beat the cold days. Thankfully, these 15 tips to keep yourself warm have come to your rescue.

1. Clear your mind
Sometimes fear exists only in our minds. Free your stupid mind of the thought that it has gotten too cold to handle.

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2. Cover up your windows
Seal or layer windows with plastic sheets to ensure the cool air doesn’t enter your room.

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3. Spread rugs and carpet on the floor
Naked floor could feel cold so it is better you spread a few carpets and rugs on them. Take out your pretty rugs, keep your floor warm and indulge in cozy decor.


4. Make a bowl of soup for the soul!
Any drink prepared on low temperature is perfect to keep you warm inside as you drink them down. Drink soups and stews.

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5. Avoid being lazy!
Clean your room or run to the grocery store, if you have to. If you will keep lying in bed without moving an inch, things won’t get done. Doing any physical activity is going to keep you warm.


6. Bake yourself under the Sun
Get out of the room, lie or sit under the sun for a few hours, sip on a cup of coffee, boost your body’s warmth.


7. Bake something in the kitchen!
Winter is the best time to bake cakes, and make some really delicious dishes.


8. Wear cool knee length socks and leg warmers
They keep you warm. Oh yes! They are cute and fashionable too.

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9. Cuddle
Keep yourself close to someone warm and lovable.


10. Wear a warm crown.
A stylish and comfortable hat or cap is perfect to keep you warm as you can cover your ears and head wit it.


11. Drink hot chocolate, coffee or tea
Hold a glass of hot drink in your hands and spend a little time absorbing the warmth and then drink your poison down.


12. Avoid wearing cotton clothes
They keep you cold by absorbing moisture.

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13. Exercise it!
Keep yourself healthy with daily exercises. Do yoga if you want but do something that will keep you fit and warm.

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14. Wear mittens or gloves.
Keep your hands warm. The idea is to keep our body temperature warm. :)


15. Layer your clothes
Wear a body warmer and add more layers of clothes as the weather starts getting colder.


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16. Boot up!
Wear long boots. They are stylish and they cover your legs till your knees. Perfect to beat the cold.

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