Meet Lammily, the Barbie with perfect imperfections – an inspiration for all young girls

Finally a doll that will make young girls feel confident about theirs looks, skin, hair, size and beauty! It is time to give a break to buying skinny, uninspiring, and non-realistic dolls. With plus sized women becoming the prominent in fashion industry and people embracing the natural size and proportions of a woman’s body, it becomes natural that young girls get introduced to a doll which looks like a ‘sister’ to them and not a ‘surfer, or a model’, with realistic body proportions.

The strength of words like, Natural and Real is restored with Lammily!


Lammily is invented by Nickolay Lamm and he has raised $501,384 with Lammily. It sure does look like it has been invented keeping in mind that the doll should look kind, pleasant  and should be replica of a real girl. Lamm has shared that he wanted a doll to tell all girls how their bodies change with time and that it is OK to wear specs and have freckles, acne, cellulite and thick thighs.



What makes Lammily interesting and real is that it comes with a pack of stickers which includes everything that happens to a ‘real girl’ in real life like,








specs, natural blush, tattoos, stretch marks, moles, freckles, and other perfect imperfections!

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Here’s how second graders responded to Lammily.

Meet Lammily.

Introduce little girls to Lammily so they all understand that girls are not born with eye shadows or extremely thin legs.