7 smooth ways to have a great dump every day

A day without spending enough time in the washroom taking a dump as you read the newspaper or go through Facebook feeds, is a day not well spent. There are times when you think Ito yourself ‘I will take the dump later. First, let me handle this stupid situation at work’ and you carry on with work. But later, when you are free and your tummy tells you to produce some good amount of poop so you can feel light all day, you are helpless because now it is too hard to get it out of your system.

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Don’t fret! Here are 7 effective ways to take a dump quickly.

1. Coffee 

Coffee will get your digestive system rolling. You are going to be and feel light after a cup of coffee. 


2. Too lazy to make yourself a cup of coffee? Massage your perineum.

Rub yourself right below the ribcage and above the tummy. It works quick and fast.


3. Move around, or do some light workout exercises. 


4. Eat good fiber-rich food. Introduce more leafy green vegetables, flaxseeds, oranges, prunes, kiwi,  to your daily diet. 

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5. 45 degree angle

OK! So let us clarify, we’re actually supposed to poop in the deeper squat position. If sitting doing position does not work for you, try this one. It works!


6. Water. That’s easy!

Sometimes, drinking enough water helps too.

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7. Aloe vera juice. 

Start drinking aloe vera juice it will help put your digestive system together.



Hope you have a good squat-ty potty, today!

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