12 ways in which the new WhatsApp update will ruin your life, literally

So the new WhatsApp update is here and it’s nothing excited to be about. Yes, what you dreaded for all these years is finally here. See the image below to know what you’ll have to go through. Daily.

WhatsApp blue tick update

According to the new update, there’ll be the usual one Grey tick for message sent, 2 Grey ticks for message received and 2 Blue ticks for message read. #TrueStory, this.


So yeah, your life is going to be ruined now. All thanks to the update which is mandatory for all Android and iOS users. I’ve tried to compile a list of ways how this update shall ruin our lives. If you’ve got any other, do let me know in the comments section below.

The over-smart ones who thought they’ll disconnect the data connection, see the message and connect it again, there’s no hope for you. The moment you’ll switch on your data connection, the 2 blue ticks shall appear. Yes, you’re welcome.

1. Now you know who’s ignoring you and who’s a real friend. Or if you’re the one who’s ignoring. Then it will be the other way round. Duh.


2. There’s no escaping to your boss’s urgent texts. Unless you decide to quit WhatsApp permanently. Or your job. Your take.


3. If you’ve taken anyone’s money, it’s payback time, bro. You cannot ignore the lender’s messages anymore.

borrow money

4. If your wife/girlfriend texts you that a shopping date is happening tonight, it is happening. Unless you want to ignore her message and sleep hungry on the couch.


5. The joke’s on you, if you have turned off your ‘last seen’. Haah!

last seen atSource

6. If you happen to have a friend you like to ignore all the time but still want him/her as a friend, it’s time you start evaluating how you take important life decisions.

i can't

7. If your gym trainer texts you to come to the gym at 6 am, you got to do it. Unless you want to get kicked out.


8. If you thought you could ignore your mom’s texts and still keep chatting, you might now want to find alternatives. Unless of course you’re rich enough to afford a new house.

angry mom

9. RIP procrastinators. You shall be missed.


10. If you happen to be a hottie and like all the attention that you get from the opposite sex, while at the same time, you ignore them, it’s time you find some hobbies. Unless you want to reply to all the texts. And start dating. And start making terrible choices.

i'm hot

11. You’ll have a massive blocked numbers’ list. Or you could be a part of people’s blocked lists.

block list

12. To all those who stopped using FB messenger and used WhatsApp, the joke’s on you. BURN :P

hate fb

For warning you all, you’re welcome.

All GIFs source