Movember and everything you must know about it!

Some say Movember is about men growing some thick moustaches in November so it is visible for everyone to see. The others say it is the latest fad among men to grow moustaches in November to keep them a little warm. And hilariously, we have also heard people say Movember has to do with cows because all cows -“Mow!”

Not all of this is completely right. Read on to know what Movember’s all about. 

1. Movember is a globally known NGO which aims at changing the face of men’s health
Movember aims at raising funds for quality treatments for men dealing with prostrate cancer and testicular cancer and mental health.

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2. Why Mo?
Movember has got a couple of things to say about it.


3. Movember is been around since more than a decade now
Movember started in Melbourne, Australia in the year 2003.


4. The rules
Movember has some easy rules to follow.


5. Men will grow moustaches for all 30 days of November

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6. Movember is a combination of Mo from the word Moustache and vember from November
Mo+vember= Movember


7. Movember is one of the top 100 NGOs in the world

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8. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!
All men supporting the charity are called Mo Bros and all women supporting the foundation are called Mo Sistas.

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9. Shave the Date!
All men support the foundation by being clean shaved on the 1st of Movember to start growing moustaches together. All Mo Bros help the foundation to raise funds for men’s health and to have more people join the Foundation. Not to forget, all Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have fun at the Shave the Date kickoff party!

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10. Mo Sistas support
All Mo Sistas support the men in their lives for their good health, spreading awareness on men’s health and raising funds for all the prostrate cancer patients.

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11. Don’t Mo alone!
One could get their office employees join Movember to Mo together and compete with other team members.

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12. Made in Movember
Growing Moustaches and supporting the Mo.

Made in  Movember

Watch the TVC to know more.

13. Locally grown styles
Mo Bros get the style guide from Movember to choose which Mo to go for. The charity shares everything information about moustache with its community on a separate page dedicated to Mo named, Moustachery. Moustache maketh the man!

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14. Gala Parté
Costume party at the end of November to celebrate all the efforts made by Mos Bros & Mo Sistas in Movember.

gala parteSource

15. Since long, Movember has been changing lives
This is just one of the videos. Their website is loaded with many.

16. Christoph Waltz, Eric Decker, Chris Jacob  and Jessica Alba are a few of the well known Mo Bros and Mo Sistas

chris WaltzSource

17. Nationwide supporters including famous celebs, sportsmen and business men
Foster the People, Snoop Dogg, Cindy Crawford, Indian cricketers- Ravindra Jadeja and Shikhar Dhawan and many more support Movember.

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18. Mo Bros shave off after the end of the month of Movember
However, if one chooses to stick to a moustache until Shave the date, one can keep the moustache.

saying goodbye to your moSource

19. Heroes and fighters stand up for the cause
Jack, who fought with testicular cancer  and is now raising funds for Movember.  One word- Brilliant!

I take it all off for movemberSource

20. Food tastes better with moustache
CollegeHumour did a hilarious video for Movember.

21. Sadly, there are only 1,719 fans on Movember India page
Because we get more of celeb news in the country and issues like men’s health are no where in the priority list of many here.  :(

Movember IndiaSource

I am so happy that there are many people who have been working towards men’s health. I am planning on supporting Movember and become a Mo Sista for all the men in my life. If you like to support about the foundation, visit Movember India or check the website-


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