15 things that say you’re way too mature for your age

There are people who forever remain kids, they don’t age mentally and then there are people who mature way too early. Though they could be really young, but their way of thinking could be way ahead than their age. Such are the people who are older by their mental age but young in terms of number.

Are you one of them? Find out, if you match any of the points mentioned below!

1. For weekends, when most of the people of your age go clubbing and drinking, you prefer to stay indoors, read, watch a good movie and cook for yourself.



2. You’re not materialistic. When it comes to dressing, you don’t really care what you wear. What you do care about is that the clothes should be comfortable.


3. You don’t have a huge number of friends, but the few that you have are always around when you need them!



4. You find happiness in simple joys of life – a good book, a good movie, coffee, a dinner with your friends rather than a club, etc.


5. There are high chances that you’re a grammar nazi and you end up correcting all the posts that you see on social media in your mind. What’s more, when it comes to posting anything or even sending a text message, you proofread first!

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6. You have an impeccable sense of humor and a philosophical mind. It may happen more than often that not many would get your joke!

sense of humorSource

7. You have a very unique taste, when it comes to books, movies, television series or music. You cannot compromise on those things, ever.



8. Where most of the people of your age spend majorly on shopping and other things, most of your money would go into buying books or whatever interests you. You save a lot more than your friends.


9. You are extremely choosy on making friends or dating even.

choosy friends


10. There are high chances that you hate social gatherings and you end up sulking when taken somewhere forcefully.

socially awkward


11. Your friends turn to you when they need any kind of serious advice because they know they can count on your valuable advice when it comes to taking important decisions.


12. You are a highly productive person and when it happens that you have some free time, you freak out. You like staying busy.

freaking outSource

13. You prefer flip-flops over stilettos!



14. You are hardly bored. What’s more, you don’t need anyone’s company to keep you entertained. You would have a list of things to do for yourself.

never bored


15. Last but not the least, there are a very few people like you and it makes you unique! You’re awesome and never let anyone tell you otherwise!


Are you a little more mature than your age? Would you like to add anything to the list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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