[Bizarre] A 2-week course on how to take a technically correct ‘Selfie’ is offered in a college in Ahmedabad

If you know how to take a selfie, you could be wrong! 

PM Modi taking selfies during his China tour has really caught some attention in his home state, Gujarat. Taking the ‘selfie’ to the next level, a workshop on how to take a technically correct selfie is offered to the students of L.J. College, in Ahemdabad! Sounds like a spoof but it is not.

Aditi, an Ahemdabad based, Radio-Jockey is facilitating a 2-week selfie workshop with the help of a professional photographer, who provides tips on lighting and angles. The 2-week-long course is offered at a fees of INR. 2,500 to the students. Bizarre!!! Watch this video by NDTV news to know more about this crazy crash course on how to take a selfie.


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