Watch deleted Game of Thrones Season 4 scenes and brace yourself for the big news!

Dear all Game of Thrones fans, here’s a bit of what you didn’t see in the season 4! HBO has released 2 of the deleted scenes from there series and they are as good as the series so far. Both the scenes are of a bit of sorrow.

Hurt Daenerys tells Missandei not to betray her after she sends her friend and adviser, Jorah Mormont away from her kingdom.

When Shae was told that their relationship was over and was asked to leave for Pantos by our very favourite, Tyrion Lannister, his sellsword, Bronn tries to comfort the heart broken ‘my lady’ after they both step out of Tyrion’s room.


These two episodes really do make us watch the entire series all over again until HBO releases the season 5. What about you?

But here is the news! Author George R. R. Martin will not release his 6th book until 2016, and the next in the year 2017, which means either the series will close before the books come or we will all have to wait for way too long. Let’s request the author who has the right to kill a ‘Stark’ to finish the books and publish them as soon as he can.