Was the mob’s outrageous reaction to the Nagaland rape case justified? Dimapur SP claims the accused was not at fault

The reported rape of the Naga woman on 23rd and 24th February became a big news to which the mob reaction was SHOCKING! The reports at the mob got so furious with the rape case that they pulled out the accused, Syed Farid Khan and lynched him on the street. The Bhutani was forced to walk naked on the streets and then beaten to death.

The question is how could the police be so weak that the mob could pull out the accused from the custody? The reports say the group of people included school and college students too. Deputy commissioner Wezope Kenye, SP Meren Jamir and B Chuba Phom, senior superintendent of Dimapur Central Jail have been suspended for being incapable of taking the control of the insinuation. The state cabinet has decided to arrest and prosecute the person behind encouraging the mob to take such a sudden action and torturing the accused. While most of the people think that the mob took the right action, others think that they had jumped onto conclusions to soon. It has not been identified that the girl was raped by the accused. A lot of people said that the girl had blackmailed the boy to give him a sum of Rs 2 lac or else, he will be charged for her rape.

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According to the Assam Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi, the act of lynching the accuse was “barbaric, heinous and inhuman”“The manner in which the accused was dragged out of custody and killed brutally by a mob on the streets, is highly condemn-able.” 

Assam is on high alert at the moment so that the mob does not break out again in the manner it did.

“Necessary action will be taken against the perpetrators of the incident. Instructions have been given to the concerned officials. We have also provided adequate security there.”– Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

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Several politicians reacted to this major incident. “Whatever took place is not correct. There is constitution and law in our country. The police and the administration is there to ensure that such incidents that violate the law do not take. If everybody takes the law into their hands then there will be no law and order situation in the country, there will be anarchy. So, this is not correct.” – Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader, Tariq AnwarAnwari.

In a democracy, should people take control of the situation like this? Wasn’t the mob’s reaction too illogical and unfair as they reacted too soon without knowing if the accused had actually raped the victim?

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