Vir Das pens down a thoughtful open letter after cops unexpectedly shut down his show in Delhi

Vir Das wrote an open letter yesterday regarding an incident that happened at his ‘Unbelievable Tour’ in New Delhi. Read about the whole incident here –

Last Night, while I was on stage at the #UnbelievableTour The Police showed up and what happened was upsetting and…

Posted by Vir Das on Sunday, April 26, 2015

So what has our nation come to? Where on one hand we keep talking about being liberated and open to all sorts of art, are we really open-minded? Do we have the guts to talk about our own leaders or even more, are we so hypocritical that we cannot take a joke on ourselves? From the entire incident that happened at Vir Das’ show, it can be figured that many can’t even take a joke being made on others.

If the Charlie Hebdo massacre was outrageous, is this any less than that?

Unless we want an India free of any form of artists or people from the creative field, we might want to put an end to our own hypocrisies.

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