[Must watch] The 6 very big problems of Very Pretty Girls

It is not easy to be a pretty girl and do as you please. Life of all the pretty girls is tough, tiring and has a lot of problems.

very pretty girls

NOWNESS‘s new video made by French filmmaking duo Paul & Noé is all about ‘ The very big problems of very pretty girls’. The video sheds light on 6 definitive problems of all ‘very pretty girls’. If you are very pretty, you must stay on this page, read and watch the video.

1. Because everything goes into slowwwwwwwwww moootioooonnnn

always late


2. Difficult to find an outfit that doesn’t look outrageously sexy on them. 

the halloween struggle


3. The other pretty things tend to get a little jealous!



4. They have to be very careful about what they eat in public for obvious reasons. 

what they eat


5. They get asked out on dates so many times that they run out of excuses. 

asked on dates


6. They can be still very late. 

still very late


But hey, what about the pretty boys?

pretty boys


Watch this video to find out.