9 questions every GoT fan has after watching the deathly finale episode- ‘Mother’s Mercy’

[Beware this article is dark and full of spoilers; do not read if you have not watch the finale, yet!]

If one TV series had to be awarded with the title of being the most unpredictable yet interesting, it has to go to Game of Thrones. The series has acquired a track record of killing all our goodhearted, favourite characters. And now after watching the last episode of the 5th season, there is no bigger question than- ‘Why the hell did Olly become so cruel that he could conspire with the other crows to kill Jon Snow?

The finale episode of Season 5 has left everyone with not just disappointments but also confusions. Here are the 9 questions we desperately need answers to!

1. What’s going to become of Cersei after the naked walk of atonement? She confessed about sleeping with Lancel and has more charges against her. Will she become a lady full of love and no regrets, or will she plan her revenge against the highest sparrow and Unella?

walk of atonement

2. Now that another innocent child (after Shireen), Myrcella is also dead, will Jamie and the “righteous” Cersei avenge the death of their another dead child? 

jaime and myrcella

 3. Why did Danaerys run away with Drogon leaving her confidante behind? Where the hell is she now? Is she in the north and near the White Walkers?



4.  Why did those people look like Khall Drogo and that too in the north?

danaerys in the north


5. Is Arya both blind and dead now?



6. Reek finally became a man and killed Ramsay Bolton’s wicked girlfriend. Has his weiner grown back?  Why do I think Sansa has another marriage on her cards!? And this time she is going to get married to the man without his “important parts”. I guess, that’s best for her after what Ramsay did to her.  

sansa and reek


7. Brienne of Tarth finally gets to kill the man who killed her generous king, Renley Baratheon. So, now the only king we thought who was stronger and more powerful than the rest is dead after biting dust in the war against the heartless Boltons. Who will carry Stannis Baratheon’s banners and fight for him now? 



8. Melisandre’s plan to make Stannis the king of Iron Throne failed after half of his army fled away and his family died. Now she is back in Castle Black. Why the hell did she come back? Did she come back for Jon Snow?




9. Olly conspired with other brothers from the Watch to kill Jon for he felt betrayed by Jon’s pact with the Wildlings. Dan Weiss told EW, “Dead is dead.”  So, is Jon Snow never coming back? Can Red lady do me a favour and bring him back to life! :(

jon snow and olly


We so wished, the finale episode to end this sweet way.



Honestly, after the death of Shireen and Jon Snow, we are extremely disappointed with George R R Martin. The chances of most of the fans leaving the show are higher if Melisandre doesn’t bring him back to life. What do you think?


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