150 toy guns and the USA’s map – does this controversial art suggest something?

A multidimensional art or a big question? Ohio based popular artist, Michael Murphy who has worked with Nike, and TIME Magazine named his sculptural installation art piece – Gun Country. The illusionary installation is the sculptural representation of  global superpower, United States of America.



Made with 150 toy guns, this art piece made for the annual Art Prize open art competition raises not only questions, but also stimulates thoughts and discussions.

Watch for yourself how this intricately developed super art installation looks like.

The artist shared, “Every viewer that I have discussed the piece with has seemed inclined to tell me their stance on guns. Through this conversation that the piece inspires, it is my hope that people will think more critically about their stance on guns and gun related issues.”






Would one like to label USA as the Gun Country? What do you think? Shoot your thoughts in the comments section below and I shall participate in the conversation with you. Until then, ciao!