15 beautiful untranslatable words for the delicate feelings we feel in love

Popular Illustrator Imma Blocks is behind these cutesy illustrations that show the beautiful feelings we feel in love which we can’t really say using English words. They have only one word for them and that too in other languages.

The  first class honours student in BA Illustrations from Middlesex University has worked with many big names. Her artwork is inspired “by the people she meets in her everyday life, old photos, vintage clothes, old films, travel, 1950’s illustration, 1930’s jazz and sausage dogs.” These gorgeous illustration clearly reminds us of what inspires her and her love for the feeling called love. Have a look at 15 of her illustrations that speak about the delicate feelings we experience in love.

1. Ya’aburnee

ya aburnee

2. Zhi zi zhi shou, you zi xie lao

zhi zi zhi

3. Cafunecafune 4. Cwtch


5. Dordor

6. Firgunfirgun

7. Gezelligheidgezelligheid

8. Ki no yokankoi no yokan

9. Mamihlapinatapeimamihlapinatapei

10. Merak


11. Mo chuisle mo chroimo chuisle

12. Naznaz

13. Oodaloodal

14. Retrouvaillesretrouvaillies

15. Viraha viraha

These illustrations have been made in collaboration with Vashi.

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