Uber offers puppy love! Now you can order to play with a puppy for 15 minutes

Feeling sad and depressed? Now you can order a puppy to play and snuggle with for 15 minutes! Uber, the international cab service App operator has decided to raise awareness in the capital about pet adoption by letting anyone demand for #UberPuppies in Delhi. Cute, isn’t it?


Users were invited to request puppies from 1 pm to 4 pm on Wednesday. Once the user connects with the App, #UberPUPPIES will arrive at the user’s location for ‘15 minutes of cuddle time’.

Uber’s this super adorable initiative was carried out in partnership with the online pet store, Dogspot.

uber puppies

Rana Atheya, CEO of Dogspot, said, “We wrote to Uber two months back to partner with us on pet-related initiatives. We have two objectives for this particular initiative. We want to raise awareness among prospective pet owners about adoption, and secondly, use first-time pet parents to share their experiences about having a pet around them.”

“We will be assembling in a common area in Gurgaon, and go across to places like Noida and Delhi and spend time with those who hail our puppy cabs,” said, one of the volunteers who participated in the event.

Uber informed Delhi citizens with their tweet.


The moment the sweetest announcement spread in the city people took to twitter to share their happiness.

This is such one of a kind initiative, reading about which we had nothing but smiles. Let us know your experience with #UberPUPPIES in the comments section.

News Source- livemint