New Delhi: Uber partners with the mobile safety app SafetiPin to collect safety scores

After the terrifying Uber rape case, Uber is trying all the measures to keep the safety of its passengers intact and to make sure that they feel safe. Recently, Uber announced that it is partnering with the mobile safety app, SafetiPin. SafetiPin is a map-based mobile safety app that tags safety scores to locations on a map in a city, based on safety audits done across the city. This is an initiative that will let the citizens understand their surroundings on the basis of safety attributes, along with informing the respective government authorities with the precise data.

Based on these 9 parameters – lighting, openness, visibility, security, walk path, crowd and gender diversity and density, SafetiPin collects data and measures actual location conditions for generating a safety score of a particular area.

The initiative will see Uber training drivers to work after dark with Safetipin’s auditors for five months, starting February 25, to capture photos and safety information for areas and roads across the city.

Starting from today in Delhi, this initiative will be rolled out in other global markets in the coming months which include Bogotá, Colombia and Nairobi, Kenya with the aim to cover approximately 20,000 km of city roads and areas.

Gagan Bhatia, General Manager of Uber Delhi said, “Uber is deeply committed and will continue its tireless efforts to build a comprehensive ecosystem that brings best in class safety to the streets of Delhi and across India. This partnership builds on SafetiPin’s understanding and expertise in this field. By working together on this meaningful cross-border initiative we hope to provide local communities with the technologies to enable them to travel more safely around their cities, here in India and around the world.”

Ashish Basu, the founder of SafetiPin said, “SafetiPin is a free app that women and others can use to view their city from the perspective of safety. As part of our work in cities, we are delighted to have Uber’s participation and support in key cities around the world. This association will provide us with a much larger data set that would otherwise not have been possible, and the process is easier with Uber’s engaged and professional driver community.”

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