15 tweets that sum up everything wrong with Deepika Padukone’s #VogueEmpower video

It will be hard to believe if you haven’t yet watched the #VogueEmpower video featuring Deepika Padukone among many other powerful women of the country. You might have seen the male version as well! The video brought along a lot of negative feedback, and I would say, rightfully so. I fail to understand the strategy of Deepika’s PR team to portray her as a powerful feminist, because they end up showing Deepika as a hypocrite, all the time.

Like always, people on Twitter had wonderful reactions about the video and some came up with great jokes which shall be remembered for a very long time! Check out –

1. In case you thought the other way!


2. Indeed!

3. Because hey, #MyChoice is just for the ladies, okay? 


4. That would be my mom too. 

5. This could be a great answer, tbh. 


6. Hindu woes. 

7. So do I. 


8. He could, actually. But this is women empowerment we’re talking about. 

9. On second thoughts, yes. 


10. Well played. 

11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


12. Now I am starting to think this is how she ends up in all the wrong places. 


13. Aah me too. Sigh.


14. Ins’t it?


15. Haah!


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