11 things women never knew men hate about them

Romeo and Juliet loved each other, dearly! NOT!

Of course, Romeo and Juliet did love each other but we are sure they also hated each other too. OK! I agree, hate is a big word! Let’s say- as soon as they got to know each other, they found out that there are a few things they disliked in each other but their love was more than their disliking for the bad things they had. While women mostly share what they dislike, men mostly keep that to themselves, of course, until they have been tortured a lot. Here are 11 things which every boy hates about you and would likely want you to work on.

1. Never ask, “Do I look good?

Because to him, you always do. After all, you spent an hour on dressing up for the date. You wouldn’t have come for it if you didn’t like the way you looked. Right?Getting ready



2. I will be outside the gate in just 2 minutes. 

We all know your 2 minutes are equal to 20 minutes.never late



3. Low confidence. 

No matter you just got up or have a zit on your face, you should always stand tall and confident.I wanna be perfect



4. Too much makeup.

Men like pretty girls, no man has ever admitted to like a woman with a lot of make up.make up



5. Too much perfume.

Your natural smell mixed with just one perfume is enough.




6. Talking in a baby voice.  “Oh, mellla baby aa gaya”

Yes, that’s not cute. Look below, now is this cute? No, right?

not cute



7. “Khana Kahaya?”

Over caring, over protective, women are sad to men. Don’t become our mothers, please.

khana kaya



8. To fight over the last week’s fight in the current week. 

It needed closure according to you.fighting with beau



9. Crying

Men can rarely be seen crying like, when there soccer match is about to come on the TV and the cable wire has gone bad or may be when they have a broken arm or something. They hate it  when you cry.




10. Your habit of over-reacting. 

Don’t know what we mean? You look at a man and tell him he should have a body like that, but if he tells the same thing in the reverse situation to you?all righty then



11. The problem named- “I have nothing to wear.”

Darling, it doesn’t matter. You have many clothes, wear them because we can hardly remember what you wore the last time. :)look at all the fucks I give


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