Afghans thanked Indians in the best possible way – by carrying a 100 metre tricolor for reconstructing the Salma Dam

It’s amazing how some people express their gratitude for goodwill done by others to them. One such thing happened when Afghans carried a 100 metre tricolor to express their gratitude and for thanking India for the reconstruction of the Salma Dam.

India had started the goodwill project for reconstruction of the multipurpose Salma Dam in Afghanistan , located in the western Herat province, back in the year 2006. As the project is nearing its completion, almost a decade later now, Afghans chose a touching way to express their gratitude.

Now water has started filling up its reservoirs. Thousands of jubilant Afghan residents came forward and expressed their happiness and gratitude by visiting the Indian consulate and thanking the officials responsible for keeping up their commitment.

Here’s how people on Twitter expressed their joy and tweeted about the same –

Afghans tricolor (1)


Afghans tricolor (2)


Afghans tricolor (3)


Afghans tricolor (4)

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India is spending a whopping $300 million on this project. 42 MW of electricity and watering of nearly 80,000 hectares of farmland are expected out of this. In around 9-12 months, the reservoir is expected to be completed

It was overwhelming to see the Afghans who were exhilarated and were all praise for India. The best part was their way of celebration – they took out processions, sang Bollywood numbers and presented the Indian officials at the consulate with flowers. All of these, just as a gesture for their gratefulness for India’s efforts.

The cherry on the cake was the 100 m tricolour, along with their own national flag, on the streets of Afghanistan to express gratefulness to the Indian government.

What better than this can express the bond of the two nations?


With inputs from IANS