Abijit Ganguly talks about how difficult it is to buy condoms in India and he is on point

Buying condoms in India is the most challenging thing ever! No matter, how much we think we are progressive, the chemist guy and the people we often find there, make it a tough deal for anyone aiming to buy a condom.

Stand Up Comedian Abijit Ganguly decided to talk about what happens when a guys walks into a chemist store to buy condoms.

abijit talks about buying a condom in india

And some of the things that all guys do when they step out to buy condoms and look for the “safest” chemist shop. :P

facts about buying a condom

He then went ahead to talk a bit about the usual things that have to happen every time, yes, every time you step into a chemist shop.

few character at the chemist store

This is not it, Abijit talked a lot more about the buying condom phenomena in this hilarious video. Watch right now.

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