Travelgasm – 20 places of Karnataka you must visit right away!

Karnataka is the embroidery of dazzling rivers, emerald mountain ranges, vast blue oceans, dense forests, beautiful landscapes, cultures, flavors and rich traditions. The state which was the host to India’s largest and most powerful dynasties has carried a richness of art and legacy of culture till date. The state is also home to the city of IT hub, the education focus: Bangalore. With these collective wonders, you must be thinking what exactly are the places to visit in ‘Kannada Rajya’?

Here I am, after collecting all the pearls of Karnataka, am engraving them down together:

1. Bangalore

South India’s most happening city is also the Silicon Valley of India. This lively city has crowed its fame by the educational sector and also is not lacking behind in magnificence and sophistication in terms of hotels, pubs, streets, language, bars, institutions and gardens. There’s a lot to write about Bangalore, so my advice to you is live the city with your own lens!


2. Badami

Love to see the combination of natural water resources and historical monuments? Badami is the place for you! This beautiful town which is approximately 480 kilometers from Bangalore has imprinted its name by historical cave temples, stone temples and forts. If you ever get the opportunity to visit, do not miss the cave temples made of two giant sandstone hills located amidst narrow valley and huge Agastya Lake.

India ancientSource

3. Gokarna

A small town of coastal Karnataka, Gokarna is also the seventh important pilgrimage destination of the Hindus. This small town is popular for its hold on ethnicity of passing Sanskrit language from generations to generations and is also a holiday spot for which the credit goes to serene beauty of coastal beach and the ancient temples. I am sure, there cannot be another peaceful option than this!

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4. Mysore

The ‘City of Palaces’ reflects the charm of cultural heritage and traditional values in its palaces, temples and festivals. The ‘Amba Vilas Place’ is diamond of the city. The Chamunda hills which have Mysore in its lap are also bestowed with the great Chamundeshwari temple. Brindavan Garden, Mysore Zoo Park and Mysore palace are the great destinations. Oh yes, for collective benefits, do visit this city in Dashera, with those mighty decorated elephants to enjoy the splendid culture.

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5. Nagahole National Park

Are you the perfect blend of voyage, nature and an animal lover? Visiting Karnataka’s wild life sanctuary and bird sanctuary would be one of your greatest things ever done. Blackbucks to Bear, Leopards to Crocodiles, Indian bison to striped hyena, elephants and rare flying lizards are the beauties you can find here! Some of the most to be visit places are: Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, Cauvery wildlife sanctuary, Bandipur National Park and Ranganathittu Bird sanctuary – homes to variety of wild birds and a long list!

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6. Coorg

Coorg, a scenic beauty, has something which turns everything into serene exquisiteness. This small town of South Karnataka will sway you in the alluring green mountains in those green coffee plantations, in the cold breeze that touches you heavenly which will give you a feel of being on cloud 9. It sounds so mesmerizing, the view should be more breathtaking!


7. Chikmangalur

A small district located in the lap of Mullayanagiri mountain range, Chikmangalur is the hot spot for coffee lovers. The cold breeze that passes through the lush green coffee fields gets you the aroma of coffee and wet grass. It’s the stop for adventure seekers, nature lovers and also for religious people. The district has some of the must visit waterfalls like Hebbe, Kalhatagiri, Manikyadhara, Sirimane, Shanti and some religious places like Horanadu, Kalasa, Balehonnur and Sringeri which would fill spiritual peace in you.


8. White water rafting

If you want to fulfil the desires of adventurous wild side of yours, Karnataka has got some picturesque locations. Be it your dream of white water rafting, aero sports, trekking, rock climbing, birth watching, or angling all of them would turn into reality. In order to perform any water related stunts do get in touch with Ozone, Wildcraft or Jungle Lodges and Resorts to make it happen.


9. Mangalore

Some 357 kilometers from Bangalore, this city has survived the old world in itself. The narrow wide roads accompanied by the coconut trees and the cold gust through beach on the west Mangalore are far-fetched. The city is also the business spot of Indian spices, cashew and coffee. What else one needs to travel? Beach, wet roads, coconut curries, coffee and nature…Aha!


10. Madikeri

A small hill station of Karnataka, Madikeri lies on the Karnataka State highway 88 that runs from Mysore to Mangalore, 120 kilometers from Mysore. From elephants on road enjoying the misty mornings to scenic waterfalls at every mile -the beauty of Madikeri would just take the breath out of you.



11. Murudeshwara

Situated between the luscious Western Ghats and Blue Arabian Sea, the world’s second largest Lord Shiva statuecin Murudeshwara is admirable. This small town is a package of spirituality, nature and peace. If you happen to pass by Mangalore-Karwar road, do not miss this thrilling place.

Lord ShivaSource

12. Hubli-Dharwad

Hubli – Dharwad are the twin cities and also the commercial hub of North Karnataka. The gardens, ancient temples and lakes are the beauty spots of the twin cities. The monuments at Dharwad relish the rich culture and traditions of Karnataka. Once you visit these small cities, we are sure you would spend a decent amount of time here.


13. Karwar

A city which lies on the west coast of Southern India at the mouth of river Kali, Karwar is a picturesque beauty. The Tagore beach, Binaga beach, and Hinterland are beautiful historical sites and parks which are the hotspots. The miles of golden sand and acres of emerald land make Karwar a perfect tourist spot.


14. Kemmanagundi

A picturesque hill station which connects Bangalore through National Highway 48, Kemmanagundi has breath taking landscapes and valleys surrounded by hills. This little beauty spot of Karnataka also has a royal touch on its land. Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV, the descendant of the beautiful Aamba Palace builder (The Mysore Palace) spent his summers at this tiny but compelling hill station.


15. Malpe

A crystal clear beach which is best to be gazed at, Malpe is 6 kilometers from west of Udupi, Karnataka. The beach is no ordinary beach where people come to swim or stroll. It’s a place your eyes would deny blinking, Yes, it is that mesmerizing! The pleasant sound of ocean touching the banks and the beautiful sunset makes it a perfect destination.



16. Kudremukh

Kudremukh is a small hill station which is 130 kilometers from Mangalore Airport. The mountain rage here resembles the horse face and hence the name: Kudre-horse and Mukh-face. This small splendor is the perfect destination for sightseeing and trekking. The hill station is worth visiting.


17. Kakkabe 

40 kilometers from Madikeri, you will reach this wonderful village of Kakkabe where you will wake up with chirping dawn and cold bliss. This small hamlet filled with scenic beauty is surrounded by dense rain forests and coffee plantations. This part of the state is ideal for trekking. The village also shelters extra ordinary flora, chiefly orchids.


18. Shivanasamudra

Discover nature’s handiwork at Shivanasamudra falls, 65 kilometers east to Mysore. This tiny-island has other twin falls- Ganganchukki and Bharachukki, the branches of the great falls. The Asia’s first and still working hydro-electric power station is situated with the backdrop of beautiful verdant, which adds to the beauty of the gigantic falls.


19. Shivgiri

In or out of Shivgiri, nature has lots of surprises in store for you. Shivgiri is located in the tiger reserve in the Yemmedoddi forests. The dense forest offers adventure in the form of rock climbing, trekking, and watching wild animals. The chirping birds and calls of wild animals from the forest would attract the nature lovers. So, get ready with your backpacks and a comfortable pair of shoes.


20. Talacauvery

Set in between the picturesque Brahmagiri hills is the source of Kaveri River; Talacauvery is a Hindu pilgrim destination, where Talacauvery Temple is based. Lots of devotees flock to this place on the occasion of Talasankramana Day to witness the rise of fountain-head. This destination will fill you with peace that you acquire from spirituality and pleasure form the scenic beauty of verdant Brahmagiri hills.



The places listed above are great destinations, but Karnataka is an asylum for many similar places that falls in the category of ‘must visit’. I am sure after reading this; you are heading towards your family and friends to plan a visit to Karnataka!

Do share this bunch of scenic beauties with friends to include them in your plan :)

Written by Bhakti Patel