Jimmy Fallon explains the meanings of Obama’s lesser-known facial expressions and it is hilarious!

US President Barack Obama has been an inspiration for many. Whether it is about the way he handles the US government or plays soccer with the Japanese robot Asimo, Barack does everything in style. When he addresses his audience, with suave and class, he gives us the many reason to rethink about his million dollar expressions. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon reveals how completely cool Obama is and how his many expressions show his ‘bro side’.

The Badass.

Hey Trump, you are going to get it, now!


When you smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked choco-chip cookies from the door. 

I smell cookies

Don’t tell me to do what you think I should do because I hate being told what to do! JACKASS!


Discussing Minions is a must!  


Calling someone out!

oh hey you

You di-int, my friend!

oh no you di int

Seriously, bro, that is not funny!

seriously bro

This one takes the cake!

it is 2017



Watch this hilarious video with Jimmy Fallon talking about the many interesting expressions of US President Barack Obama.