Young poetess away from India tells what is it like to be gay in her country in this powerful video

Arati Warrier is 8348 miles away from her people, and is totally gripped with the thought that her people in her country find her identity a criminal act. 

On 11 December 2013, the Supreme Court dismissed a 2009 judgement by a Delhi High Court which de-criminalised ‘unnatural sex‘, and reinstated the colonial law that upholds Section 377. The law not just brought a change to those law court files but also in the lives of the people like Arati Warrrier.

It is overwhelming to remember that I’m still a mistake, a tired secret. I can’t tell my parents about this girl I know, and how beautiful her lips are. So instead, I whisper into my pillow over and over. I can’t explain to my mother that how her casual homophobia is ripping holes in all of my sweaters, and I am always shivering.

Watch Arati narrate her powerful yet emotional poem about how it is to be gay in her country in this video shared by Button Poetry.