This kid’s Christmas wish is to stop working, get educated and become a scientist. Can we help him?

We all have our secret Christmas wishes. As we grow older, we realize that Santa doesn’t exist, but we still hope for a secret Santa that would fulfill our wishes. This never stops, does it?

Humans of Bombay shared the wish of a young kid who wants to study and become a scientist. He aspires to become a great scientist, but for that, he needs to get an education. But how can he do that? At such a young age, he has to work for a living. Can we possibly be his Santa and fulfill his wish of becoming a scientist someday? Looking at his passion, we know he’ll be a great scientist if his wishes come true. Santa, are you there?

“Every year I ask Santa for only one thing – a way to get myself properly educated. This year I also realised that I…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Thursday, December 24, 2015