This fusion of Titanium and Garaj Baras will make you go on a road-trip

Guess what? YouTube heartthrob, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya along with her singing companion, Jaivardhan Verma is back! The duo has decided to make a great fusion cover by combining two amazing numbers: David Guetta’s Titanium featuring Sia and Ali Azmat’s Garaj Baras. 

Titanium Garaj baras - Fusion Cover by Vaibhavi duo

The music video is so outdoor and free it will move you to get out of your house and go on a driving spree.

Titanium Garaj baras - Fusion Cover by Vaibhavi

The artists say, “Life begins where comfort zone ends…”. Hence, this is one video where the duo decided to take the wheel and go on a road-trip for a fun shoot.

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