15 things we should learn from the limbless miracle – Nick Vijucic

Has there been a day passed through, without complaining about what you don’t have? Has there even been a minute in the whole day where you have not found yourself efficient enough to face troubles? That is when you need to think of this man, the man who has inspired many, motivated many and shared his definition of HOPE. He is life. He is Nick Vujicic, the limbless miracle!

When life gets boring, you bore yourself to loneliness. When life throws out challenges, you throw out! When life has given you everything, still you think there’s something missing. Here are some realities about living that this man can teach us.

1. Accept the way you are born
He is the man without limbs, and without limits. Born with a syndrome named tetra-amelia since birth, he had no limbs. He just had a torso to live with. Many curse themselves to be short, black, and even ugly, what will he curse himself for? For being alive? No, he didn’t.


2. God believes in you, you also should trust Him
Though Nick’s very own existence is enough for anyone to judge how God can be unfair, but the same existence is enough to prove you that God creates you for a reason. His creation is real and you are the biggest proof. Just be positive in whatever you do, He will take care of the rest.


3. Be well educated
Nick is a double graduate in accounting and financial planning. His interest in learning never ends. He still digs out maximum knowledge possible through all means. Don’t take your education lightly, not everyone gets it so easily.


4. Be active, never feel lazy
Sports, reading, laughing, talking, running, golfing, cooking, swimming, or anything else – Nick takes them all not as a challenge, but as a path of hope that makes him believe that he is capable of doing anything. That is when he realized that he was unstoppable. So, realize your inner potential and be enthusiastic towards life.


5. Getting bullied? Face it! Fight it off
While he was young in school he used to get bullied, abused and tortured for being special. This had made him emotionally weak as well. But this did not stop him from maturing and growing up into a successful individual that he is today. So, fight for your rights, people! Be aware of what is bad in the surrounding; do not allow it to over take your living.


6. Ending your life is escapism
Suicide is never a solution for anything that goes bad in one’s life. One should overcome such thoughts everyday. Even smallest of the smallest troubles teach you a lot. Nick had once thought of committing suicide to get rid of all the atrocities happening to him, but then life changed when he changed his decision. He now challenges life in every front.



7. Don’t hide your feelings
Nick was a calm and shy person, till a janitor of his high school motivated and forced him to try to face people, the stage, to speak out, to be interactive, and to hold talks and discussions in school. And now he interacts and talks with more than thousands of them in various parts of the world.


8. Attitude is altitude
Mr. Vujicic strictly believes in this and he has given a lot of people much more hope than anything else through his words and motivational speaking abilities. The right attitude is what you have to fetch for life and you can automatically choose the altitude of your choice.


9. Love life and make someone your life
Nick got his love of life in a way of love at first sight. Kanae Miyahara was the girl. She loved his spirit of generosity and he loved her beauty and innocence. He teaches us that love is for all. God has equally given the right to love. You just need to find it out and put some efforts to spend the rest of your life with him/her.


10. Have a family
His love life did not end in just marriage; they had a baby boy after a year or so and a very healthy and handsome one, just like his dad. Learn to take care of a family, be responsible, at some stage you should realize what your life is intending for you


11. Life is not short!
Nick makes us prove the statement wrong that life is short! Life is real long, it just depends how you use your 24 hours of the day. You can make it longer living every second of it and make it short doing nothing even hours together


12. No achievement is bigger
Whatever he has achieved till now is by his spirit, education, confidence, right attitude, and accepting the right path. He does not consider it to be big enough, he just feels is lesser, as a speaker he still is greedy for motivating more people in the world.


13. Money is not everything, winning hearts is
He works for the people; that is how he earns, but whatever you do for your living, be satisfied, be loved, have the faith in you and pass that faith on others too, this will make things easier and work lighter. You can make money, but you cannot buy smiles and happiness with it, though you would say crying in a Roles Royce is better but still, think over it!


14. Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real
Fearing your weakness is the biggest mistake of life that cannot be corrected. Nick says fear is false evidence appearing real. Yes, a fake thought that rules your mind is fear, don’t make it a reality and spoil your present.


15. No arms, no legs, no worries!
Yes, he said that. This shows how positive his thoughts are! So guys, with all four limbs that we have, why can’t we be worry-free? Think again!


This guy has a belief; he has not given up, and is not allowing others to give up too. Let us have a treat of life through his. If you got inspired from him, do make others inspire as well. Before I sign off, here is a small share of his confidence on life – live. I bet if you will love it:

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