20 things we all did in our boring school and college lectures!

Believe me, this is a fact. When we were in school we always thought, “yaar ye school kab khatam hogi, college jaana hai!” When we were in college we missed our school days like we didn’t need anything, just get our golden school days back but when college was done, we missed both and now hate working in an organisation or a firm. In short, we miss our old days, no matter if were a class topper, the last bench occupiers, the bunkers or the discipline breakers.

There was one thing common among all – we had at least one such subject or the subject teacher we hated the most. We all did, accept it guys!

The class we hated the most lead to many pranks, and such things which sometimes led to severe punishments but we loved them to the core. Here I have recollected 20 things most of us did in our boring classes!

1. It’s your NOT favorite class and you dream about everything other than the subject.

Day dreaming in the classSource

2. The class you hate the most is completely utilized in playing Cross and Zero!


3. There was always something important your friend wished to convey and you couldn’t leave the boring class. Then you met your new friend: the last page of your notebook. I had to use the second last page too! :p

Last page chatSource

4. “Oh god it’s a Physics lecture again!” Hence you start sharing jokes with your friends to make a good mood.

Friends jokes


5. If not in the notebooks, you texted to share your heavy feelings about the subject.

Whatsapp textingSource

6. One of the all time favorites was playing games. Boys will agree with me more. Right?


7. At the end of the session, if there was still some time left for the class to be dismissed, you would say, “Upar mat dekh, nahi to question pooch lenge!”

Head down in the classSource

8. The movie fanatics desperately waited for the boring class, just to play Hollywood-Bollywood!

Hollywood BollywoodSource

9. When it was the time for that particular boring class all you felt like doing was this:

Head deskSource

10. Talking about the upcoming movie, doing facial signs to the friend sitting away from you were classic.


11. Passing chits with messages and smileys written on it sometimes dragged you in trouble. Specially if it was an anti-teacher message :D


12. I am sure everybody must have completed their incomplete assignments in the class previous to the submission date like a madman. Though risky then, it is completely fun to discuss it now. :D

Assignment in the class


13. “Dekh, dekh chalu class mai bhi smile kar rahe hai ye dono. 100% chakkar hai boss, chal bet lagi 100-100 ki?” How many classmate did you pair out of sheer boredom?


14. If one of your front benchers complains about your enjoyment, you make sure you tie both their shoes’ laces together!

Show laceSource

15. You acted as if you are taking down the notes sincerely, but in reality there was no ink in your pen.

writing Source

16. Nodding on everything your teacher/lecturer said and going blank  when asked a question.

Blank question in the classSource

17. Making all those funny moves, when your teacher turned towards the black-board.


18. Mimicking the words said by the lecturer and making dirty jokes out of it!

Mimicking in the class


19. Drawing cartoons on your friends’ clothes,books and hands was the best thing to do!


20. Not to forget the one I hated the most – scribbling on benches!


Writing these points and collecting the pictures actually took me back to my school-college days. I am so nostalgic with those beautiful memories. You just read the article. Did you reminiscence anything from the past? If I missed out something very funny, please do not forget to share with me. I love laughing. :D

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