15 things only a person never being able to say ‘NO’ will understand!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in saying ‘NO’? Saying NO makes you feel awkward. You just can’t say NO and end up in doing things that you don’t want to. Here are 15 things that you can relate to if you can’t say NO-

1. People take you for granted
“He’ll not say no, he’ll come!” “She wouldn’t mind if I do that” – are some of the things that you’ll usually hear about you.



2. You can’t Say NO
It becomes the most difficult task in your life. The word ‘NO’ doesn’t seem to exist in your dictionary.



3. You feel suffocated at times
When you end up somewhere, at some place, where you don’t want to be but you are, just because you couldn’t say NO; you end up feeling suffocated.



4. You can’t upset your friends and close ones
You feel if you say NO to someone, you’ll hurt them and that’s the last thing you would want.



5. But people often say ‘NO’ to you
And you’ll be like – “How could you?”



6. People give you their share of work
And even if you don’t want to do it, you end up doing it.



7. You make numerous promises to yourself to start saying ‘NO’
But you fail every single time…



8. You admire people who have the knack of saying ‘NO’ without being rude
And you always wish to be like them. Sigh.



9. When you happen to manage to say ‘NO’, you get horrific reactions from your friends
And again you end up feeling bad.



10. Your close friends, who really know this problem, constantly tell you to learn to say ‘NO’
You’re not even able to say NO to that!



11. You end up getting in troubles with your habit of not saying ‘NO’
Since you can’t say NO, you end up taking up work that you don’t want to and then start feeling frustrated and end up getting involved in troubles.



12. People vent out their feelings in front you
Since you can’t say NO to anyone, you end up listening to their problems. But you do enjoy all of that! After all, helping somebody makes you feel better too.


13. You do your own mistakes
The best part is that you get to do a lot of things and get to learn to from your mistakes. You don’t blame someone else for the things you go through!



14. You’re easily misunderstood
Since you have problems saying ‘NO’, you end up giving your word to your friends. And if by chance, you happen to not turn up in their parties or get-togethers, they misunderstand you.


15. You’re approachable, sensitive to people’s emotions and good at heart
Yes, that’s what your friends feel about you! Perks of being a person who can’t say NO!



Do you also have a problem in saying NO? Fun fact: saying NO helps you a lot, in many ways! If you got any other things you face because of this problem, let me know in the comments section below!

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