17 things that happen when your boyfriend is your best friend

So your boyfriend IS your best friend now? Things change and turn completely perfect when your boyfriend is also your best friend. And yes, a few parts of your life get a little weird too on the way but you will enjoy them!

1. You will have no secrets.
You confided in your best friend before he became your boyfriend. So it is obvious there are no secrets and that there never will be.

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2. You are what you are.
Your partner will always see the real you.

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3. You can be your worst self and you will still have someone who loves you.
They have seen it all already and they are experts in handling you.

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4. Your partner will understand you at all times.
They have been with you for so long that they know you and so there is no scope for wasting time on giving explanations for mistakes,

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and failures.


5. Zero scope for misunderstandings.
That’s the beauty of your relationship.

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6. They will know how you react when you are PMSing and when are finally on your period.
Yes, you are blessed with a partner who understands you on those days of 0% patience and 100% mood swings and nagging.


7. You won’t be able to flirt.
They know what kind of men/women you can have hots for so your license to flirt around is taken.

wont be able to flirt  with each otherSource

8. You will never feel embarrassed with each other!
You could have mistakenly gone to the ladies room but you will never be ashamed to tell that you did. You both have had good laughs over such incidents already.

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9. Your families are at ease with each other too.
Nothing is ever held back.

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10. No ‘does this black shirt look good with khakhi pants?’ talk!
You could remember each other’s clothes very well that you both decide what to wear for a party while just shouting at each other as you lay on the sofa and they work in the kitchen.

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11. You will always know what they like to eat with which types of sidings.
No wrong choices while ordering food and after that. ;)

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12. You are in love with each other’s ugly habits.
Finding a pair of socks on the dinner table is lovely to you and dog’s food on the bed tells you he fed the dog. Nothing’s wrong with the house!

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13. You both gouge on the same snacks.
You both love to eat what you both love to eat. SIMPLE.

gouge on the same snacksSource

14. You both now have millions of pictures together in the house that you both are considering to having a separate room for ‘memories’.
Now, you both look goofy enough in your picture. Don’t tell me you don’t!


15. You both know each other’s music very well.
No matter you hate it!

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16. You both have a crazy time together with each other.
Since you are each other’s best-friends too, you can be out and do anything you like together.

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17. You enjoy being playful with each other.
The most!

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Happy? We wish you great years together. Ciao!

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