These 30 animal GIFs hilariously sum up the reactions of people to Apple products’ prices!

Apple products are fantastic, but way too expensive. They can be easily compared to diamonds – Everyone wants them but can’t have them. When we told a group of animals the actual price of all Apple products, they reacted in this way.


1. “Oh, you are killing me?”


2. “I pray to lord to f&*^%$# do something, so that the prices go down”


3. “Aaaahh”

sad catSource

4. “My life has come to an end!”

bored pandaSource

5. “Why don’t you do me a favor? Leave me be alone.”

crying catSource

6. “I am totally disappointed with Steve. Cruel human!”

sad owlSource

7. “I can’t believe it!” *Shaking its head in disapproval*

dissapointed catSource


8. SIGH!

sad eagleSource

9. “You mean I can’t have it?”

cute dogSource

10. “Sometimes it is good to be a rich business rabbit. I can have iPhone 6, like a boss!”

rabbit chilling in waterSource

11. “What? What did you say? Arrghh”

tiny slothSource

12. “Bloody humans, can’t be nicer with animals. Muje iPhone lene se koi nahi rok sakta.

angry catSource

13. “Noooo! Stop it, human!”

surprised catSource

14. “What? Where was I? Oh yeah, the piano. Tell me the price of a Mac book, again.”

funny catSource

15. “I was just happily eating my biscuits, you ruined it” 

cute dog 2Source

16. “You spoiled our party, dude!”

spoilt the pug partySource

17. “I don’t even know how to react!”

ruff bark grrrSource

18. “I will take time to digest this news. Shut the door before you leave”

cant believe itSource

19. “Miracle! I can walk now or probably run away!”

I wish I was humanSource

20. “I am so numb even the damn cat can’t get a reaction out of me.”

I am numbSource

21. “I knew, you will bring some bad news.”


22. “My life is a bundle of sad news!”


23. :(

looking into the waterSource

24. The cat couldn’t believe it so it stayed shut!

kitten couldnt believe itSource

25. “No! I am good, really! I couldn’t feel better. This is called the abnormal cat syndrome.”

never felt betterSource

26. “What!?”

cute kitten surprised as hellSource

27. “You see that face? You know what that means?”


28. “Let me think! Let me think! OK. Somehow! I don’t feel good any more.”

dont feel any good anymoreSource

29. “Say again, human! You won’t be spared to say again.”

say againSource

30. “Enough of it, bro!”

enough of it broSource

Do share yours and your pet’s reactions to the Apple prices in the comments section below. Ciao!

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