15 things only people on a diet will understand!

It’s just 3 months until your birthday and you have to fit in one of those most sexiest dresses? No worries, we all have a plan and the plan is “Dieting”! Yes, it is the art of torturing yourself till you faint and then feel good about it.

P.S. Just a little health tip – Kareena Kapoor Khan and Katrina Kaif get paid in seven digit figures for starving, hence try to be yourself and do not go for extreme starving and dieting schedule, rather try and live a healthy and positive life.
Following are the points which I am sure only people who starve while dieting will relate to!

1. Calories check
“I am hungry, I should eat something”. This person goes to the store, picks up various packets, turns them around* This is not to see the price, but the calories. He/she does that multiple times, walks back home and sits alone with an apple in hand.

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2. Guilty of eating unhealthy food
Hanging out with friends is new talk of the town and so once in a while if you end up at Pizza hut during happy hours and eat the one time meal along with brownies. After going home, the crying will start.


3. The next day will be a fast or a healthy eating day
The very next morning you will be seen eating very less or no food. You will think, “I already have had food of 10 days stored in me in the form of pizza. I won’t eat today.”


4. Liquid diet
And some crazy ones will think beyond boundaries and one fine day will decide to live their life on water mostly.

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5. Lecture on healthy food
People on a diet will be seen giving lectures about healthy food to everybodyEven if they don’t need it, they will be giving them the food gyaan. Drink water, don’t eat oily food and sleep well; are some of the common ones. The freaks will say something like “A moment on the lips forever on the hips!

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6. People think you are a show off
When on a get together or on a date if you order low calorie food, salad, green tea or some vegetable soup, friends around you will think of you as a show off when you are just trying to eat healthy!


7. Crazy about workout
The dieting lot of people will be seen working out in their sleep, while eating, bathing – in short, all the time.


8. Friends can’t take your everyday healthy food lecture
“An apple has 60 calories and a pizza has 320 calories “. “I don’t care, bro.”

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9. Your mom knows everything about your food, and the timings too
“I need two pieces of Lettuce and a glass of water” – RIGHT AWAY!

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10. A water bottle is your companion all the time
You freak out when you forget your bottle in public transport, at home or at the office. No water: Freak mode on.


11. Get emotional when after a month’s workout you lose just 2 kgs
“I am still fat. Damn, what is wrong with my workout? I’ll die fat.”


12. But you are a master of not eating unhealthy food, even if it surrounds you.
“Once upon a time I used to finish that pizza in 2 bites, but now I know it’s my enemy. I have changed, my friend.”

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13. Friends call you freak, but you know you are turning out to be an awesome person
Say whatever, I know I’ll be sexy soon!


14. That feeling of happiness after ignoring a cup of ice cream
After thinking 1000 times and controlling yourself, you finally say no to a cup of ice cream and later while sleeping you feel awesome about yourself.

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15. And finally the D day comes and you are in perfect shape. Saying no to that last piece of cake and ignoring birthday invitations has finally been frutiful. The results are out and you are sexy. Time to Partaayyy!

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Do you go through any other things while on a diet? What else you do to cut down your size? Let me know, in the comments section below!

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