20 hilarious tweets on Mangalyaan’s success to leave you in laughter riots!

Mangalyaan successfully entered the Mars orbit today and it is the first one to get success in the very first attempt. This undoubtedly will be a major landmark in India’s history.

Meanwhile, as always, Twitter never lets us down when something as epic as this happens. I came across a few hilarious tweets around this. Here, go ahead, and have a good laugh!

1. Space buddies in the house, y’all!

2. Meanwhile, Pakistan is all set to launch its own Mars Orbit Mission vehicle 

3. Goes unsaid, this has to be the best Newshour episode, ever!

4. Life is pretty harsh, no?

5. Let’s have “Come, Make in Venus” too. Soon. Pretty please?

6. And if you do, we’ll do dhaarna there.

7. #JournalismPerks #SWAG #YOLO

8. Respect, bro!

9. And my MOM is like supercool. Hanging out on the earth is pretty mainstream.

10. Doing what he’s best at.

11. And we stupid mortals were expecting pictures from MOM.

12. Liberals be like!

13. Even Mangalyaan has no escaping this.

14. Feminists be like!

15. And you thought Pakistan won’t answer back?

16. Ramdev is the true hero. Period.

17. Dear Obama, you did know Modi is a Gujarati, didn’t you?

18. Best. Decision. Ever.

19. But we all get carried away at times, don’t we?

20. Such discussions always follow.

Have you got any other hilarious jokes on the great success of Mangalyaan? I’d love to know – right in the comments section below!