These beautiful posters will give you all the reasons to empower Indian women

The world will be a better place with everyone enjoying equal rights, and comforts. Women empowerment is a big question and saving the life of a girl child is bigger than that at the moment. Minimal Tollywood Posters shared these powerful, mind intriguing posters which will question all your thoughts.

1. All we need is a heroine to inspire us. 

a heroine

2. We need a mother. 

for a son

3. We need a crazy friend, don’t we?

funny friend

4. Sitting in Dadi’s lap is the best thing ever. 


5. Women can promise security too.

men are not enough for security

6. We all need our mothers. 


7. We need more musical legends. 


8. Women completes us. 

no idea about rituals

9. And what about science?


There are more reasons to #SaveGirlChild but these should do what is needed.