The story of this guy throws light at the ugly side of college politics and it’s scary

You might have seen it, or might have been a victim to it, but there’s no denying of its existence – college politics. It’s there, and it’s ugly. To come to terms to the fact that it spoils the life and career of young kids is painful and devastating.

One such story was shared by Humans of Bombay, which talked about the dirt games played by a college and politicians. They almost ruined the student’s life by going as far slandering their image by called them rapists and drug addicts just to shift the attention from the media — they even made police complaints and kept them in jail at such a young age. 

“I started supporting myself right after I passed out of the 10th standard, while simultaneously studying BMM in Bombay….

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Monday, February 1, 2016