Meet Shekhar Naik, captain, national blind cricket team. He makes Rs. 15k for monthly earnings

Have you ever heard of him? He is the national blind cricket team’s captain. It is an immense pride to the nation that he the highest run-getter among all blind cricketers in the world. Not only has he played 63 matches across all formats, he has also scored 32 centuries and 15 half-centuries.

Could you imagine his monthly earnings? It is probably lesser than what you and I make – Rs. 15,ooo.

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In a telephonic interview, he told Hindustan Times,

Despite representing India for 13 years, I don’t get any money for playing cricket. It’s my NGO, Samarthanam, where I work as a sports co-ordinator, which pays me Rs 15,000 as monthly salary. Despite my contribution to Indian cricket over the years, I am still waiting for a government job. The salary I draw is not enough for sustenance. Not a single official from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has come forward so far to help.

Modiji promised us that he will attend the opening or the closing ceremony of the next year’s World Cup (to be hosted jointly by India and Pakistan).

Shekar has led India to two World Cup titles, first in the T20 format in 2012 defeating England in Bangalore and then the 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup against Pakistan in Cape Town. He scored 134 runs off just 58 balls in the T20 final. This score ranks among of the finest exhibitions of power-hitting by any visually-impaired cricketer.

The Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) has not got recognition from the BCCI till now. CABI president SP Nagesh said,

Even small countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are recognised (by their boards. . .Despite sending several letters to the BCCI in this regard, the board never gave us anything more than assurances. If Dhoni and his team-mates can get recognition and earn crores of rupees, why can’t our players? They too play for the same Tricolour.

Shekhar was born to a poor family in a village in Karnataka. As a child, he was teased by many for his blindness.

You can read his full story at Hindustan Times

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