Kalki Koechlin calls out the way we portray our women and it’s most powerful thing to watch

In this video, written and performed by Kalki Koechlin, we get to see her feminist side and what we have done with portrayal of our women. She calls the media for all it cares is to get a juicy headline. Here are few excerpts from her poem:

The machine harps happily and we drink to ink
That makes our stomach sink and teaches us to fear everything.
Fear the beasts riding the night from Delhi to Pondicherry.

Chrr-ing out the marks of sin cut out of the clothes you’re in,
The men with whom you’ve been, the colour of your skin.
Speaking of which, chrr-ing horizontal lines vertically
To pay for print in soft baby pink.
The pleasant opening page revealing a fair and lovely face
Which melts a few pages on with rise of acid sales.

Watch the full video here: