The Internet is going crazy about this Matrimonial CV which just got viral

What all the women should take inspiration from is this 23 year-old girl named Indhuja Pillai aka IP. IP made her matrimonial CV soon after she saw a ‘marry-me-please’ sort of terrible matrimonial profile that her parents made for her on a matrimonial website. She shares on her personal blog that when she saw that profile, she went crazy with the madness she saw with her name and profession.

Here, take a look at IP’s much praised at matrimonial CV .



The girl went straight about herself and what she will never do even after she gets married. Her matrimonial CV not just got her many boys approaching her, whom she thinks she is only going to be friends with because she is just too young to get married now, but she got praises from female blog readers too.

So far, her matrimonial CV has received 1.78 lakh views and 10k+ likes. You can dig more about her here-

We love her courage and spirit.